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The 2012 European Nation Cup will be the very first edition of the Europen Nation Cup. It will be contested by 52 of UEFA's 53 member associtations, only Israel will not take part as they are actually an Asian country, not European.

The Final will be held at Wembley Stadium, London, England.


52 of UEFA's 53 members will take part in the tournament. Israel are the only UEFA member that will not compete as they are located in Asia, not Europe.

First RoundEdit

All 52 teams entered Round 1.

The teams were picked out at random for the 26 ties to be played through January 2012.

Home Score Away
Greece 4-0 Azerbaijan
Georgia 2-0 San Marino
Armenia 0-3 France
Italy 1-0 Ukraine
Denmark 0-1 Bulgaria
Sweden 4-1 Macedonia
Belgium 6-1 Malta
Switzerland 0-2 Germany
Luxembourg 2-5 Hungary
Poland 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Wales 1-2 Serbia
Slovenia 0-1 Cyprus
Romania 3-2 Austria
England 3-0 Georgia
Netherlands 3-0 Kazakhstan
Liechtenstein 0-4 Montenegro
Albania 3-2 Turkey
Norway 3-0 Lithuania
Republic of Ireland 0-2 Spain
Andorra 1-2 Latvia
Iceland4 Northern Ireland3
Finland 0-4 Croatia
Russia 3-1 Scotland
Estonia 0-2 Czech Republic
Slovakia 0-1 Belarus
Moldova 0-5 Portugal