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The 1996 ASC Cup was due to be the 8th annual installment of the Australian state football competition, to run through June 1996, with the final being held in Melbourne, Victoria. Unfortunatley, a series of events caused the tournament to be called of for the first time since it began. The ASC Cup would restart in 1997.

Reasons for Tournament CancellationEdit

In 1996 no ASC Cup was held due to a number of large reasons. One of those reasons being the fact that bothVictoria and Tasmania did not submit teams for the tournament and eventually both withdrew within days of eachother, just weeks before the tournament was scheduled to begin. Another reason is that Victoria were due to host the 1996 final after winning the 1995 cup. After the team withdrew they announced they could not host the final either, and no other state would take on the responsibilty at such a short notice. With only 6 teams and no ground to host the final, as well asmajor ingury problems across most of the squads left to compete, the 1996 ASC Cup was cancelled by the organisers, despite them still wanting to continue the cup. Because of the organisers enthusiasm, they organised a 1997 tournament, and drummed up a lot of support, to make it a success.